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Our Curricula

Daily learning activities aren't just fun at Polka Dots, they are 100% age-appropriate. Children learn best by playing, exploring and doing. Our curricula series is based on these research-based concepts and is designed for the unique needs of each age group.

We use observation as a tool to awaken the child's interest in learning. Our school is centered on the child. We believe that the child has to interact with the learning materials and his/her peers, discovering and building through social interaction.

Our creative and well researched Curriculum “Catalyst Advantage Curricula” is structured around the Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple intelligences. Developing the eight “intelligences” which hone the literacy, emotional, social and thinking skills of children besides allowing for their physical growth. These eight intelligences are all equally important and encompass the following:

Linguistic Intelligence Bodily (Physical) Intelligence
Mathematical (Logical) Intelligence Interpersonal (Social) Intelligence
Musical Intelligence Intrapersonal  (Reflective) Intelligence
Visual (Spatial) Intelligence Naturalistic Intelligence
sometimes I make a real
               mess on the floor...
The Child – Has natural tendency to categorize and recognize pattern classify and discriminate among elements in a complex system. Has interest in nature and natural phenomena.
Mother Toddler Program : 8 months - 20 months
Infant Group    : 8 months - 14 months
Toddler Group : 14 months - 20 months

Tiny Tots : 14 months - 20 months
Pre-School : 1.5 years - 6 years
Pre Nursery      : 1.5 and above
Nursery            : 2.5 and above
Kindergarten 1 : 3.5 and above
Kindergarten 2 : 4.5 and above
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